Hot Girl Sonakshi Sinha and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh

Hot Girl
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Bollywood's domineering girl Sonakshi Sinha says that on the day her acting career graph starts coming down, she will start her own fashion label.

Talking about the strong planning for her future, Sonakshi said, "I have studied fashion designing, if films are not available then obviously I will make a fresh start in the fashion world. But right now I am not thinking about it I will think about it if I do not make a career in acting. Both of these professions require a lot of hard work. I would like to give my 100 percent to both of them. "

 Sonakshi was asked how bold and experimental are you when it comes to fashion? So he said, "When it comes to fashion, I am really very experimental because I get bored doing the same thing over and over again. If you look at my red carpet, if you look at that reality show See, what I am doing, I have tried many new things. ''.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh

Rajnath Singh

Bengaluru, ANI. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh will fly in India's indigenous fighter aircraft Tejas in Bengaluru today. Rajnath Singh will be the first Defense Minister to fly in the aircraft. This flight of Defense Minister is also important because this aircraft is being manufactured indigenously by HAL. Earlier on Friday, Tejas had proved his strength. 

This is the specialty of Tejas

Tejas is a light combat aircraft with and speed of 1.6 Mac. Tejas has a maximum range of 2000 km. It has modern features like a glass cockpit, helmet-mounted display, multi-mode radar, composite structure and fly by wire digital system.

Lander Vikram Helps

Lander Vikram
Know why NASA chose LRO OR Lunar Craft to find Lander Vikram

New Delhi. NASA's Lunar Orbiter (LRO) or lunar craft will seek for Lander Vikram on the lunar side. Lunar will go location the same path on which Vikram is present on the scale of the moon. During this time Lunar will also take a Pic of Vikram. NASA will share every news related to this discovery campaign not only with ISRO but also with everyone. Lunar has been circling the moon since 2009. Usually it NASA has chosen this for the find of Vikram for a special reason. Many achievements are associated with NASA Lunar Craft. 

Let us tell you that LRO is a robotic spacecraft which is very special for future Robo and manned missions to the moon. It was launched on 18 June 2009 via the Atlas V Rocket. The Luna Crater Observation and a sensing satellite (Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS)) were also launched through the Atlas-5 rocket, including the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter. On 23 June 2009, LRO entered the moon's orbiter and along with it the spacecraft did its work.

Try to contact

Lander Vikram

Please also tell you here that the Indian Space Research Organization is trying its best to contact the lander Vikram, but he has not been able to succeed in it yet.

The situation of confusion was created 

Before getting Vikram's position, there was a situation of confusion about its landing on the moon's surface. But it was fine from the thermal pitcher from the orbiter that Vikram has landed on the moons. Earlier, it was also being feared that Vikram might have lost somewhere in the universe by straying from the path.

NASA's mission is very special

Scientists believe that this mission of NASA is very special. LRO will also study the data found from ISRO for the search campaign. ISRO hopes that this campaign can prove to be helpful in taking Vikram on the path of success again. NASA is monitoring this entire mission. The last 15-minute process of landing on the moon was very hard difficult for the lander Vikram. The whole world was eyeing this mission. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself said that those.